TN Trash Service for your Recycling Service Needs

May 1, 2018

TN Trash Service recycling service is a great way to save the planet. With the recycling service from TN Trash Service, you can count on your recyclables being sorted properly.

Recycling Service

TN Trash Service is the recycling plant that you can trust. Because TN Trash Service picks up your recyclables, you know that they are being disposed of properly.

Recycling makes sense and if you have old newspapers, cans, bottles, magazines, cardboard boxes or mixed paper. With the best trash service in Tennessee, you can even recycle your junk mail, books, plastics, shrink-wrap and also steel cans. While grocery store bags are recyclable, syrofoam, food waste, and batteries are not recyclable.

Curbside Recycling Service

Curbside recycling from TN Trash Service is easy as they supply you with a recycling toter that allows you to co-mingle your recyclables. They will then be separated at the TN Trash Service facility.

When it comes to recycling service, you can count on TN Trash Service. Order your 96-gallon recycling wheelie bin today.